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Green Light announcement + this weekend’s parties

And now, from the desk of Team Nonsense, an important message about our weekly Green Light parties at Gatsby’s…

green light endWell that was a bummer, but here’s better news: NonsenseATL parties this weekend…

Green Light – June 21 with Kimber, Fuller & Addison


This Friday at Green Light is going to be amazing! $3 well drinks before midnight! Free parking! Covered patio! No cover charge! The best indie, house, UK garage, nu-disco and electro from Kimber, Fuller and this week’s special guest, Addison! (If you saw Addison at Nonsense last week, you’ll know you won’t want to miss this one. Dude has mad skills.) We’re also celebrating Nonsense host/cofounder/resident DJ Kimber’s birthday!!! Please join us!



A Look Inside Gatsby’s Atlanta

Since Gatsby’s is a new club, we thought we would go in and take a couple vine videos for you to get an idea of what Gatsby’s looks like on the inside… and how nice and roomy it is. We’re very excited to be launching Green Light at Gatsby’s this Friday. Green Light will be a weekly Atlanta dance party, playing indie, house and EDM. For more information about the launch party you can check out our Green Light Facebook event page.

Green Light @ Gatsby’s – New Friday Party!


When we left the Music Room and started looking for a new Friday night home, we asked you what you wanted. You said: An outdoor area. A dancefloor where there’s room to really dance. You said: Lots of easy, free parking. Tasty drinks that aren’t expensive. New music and awesome DJs. A place away from the dancefloor where you can have conversations without screaming.

As you know, here at NonsenseATL, your wish is our command (you know, within reason) so we’re starting a new Friday night party with ALL of those things and more.

EVERY FRIDAY starting on June 7, NonsenseATL (of Nonsense at Noni’s, Death From Below at The Music Room, etc.) presents GREEN LIGHT at Gatsby’s. Resident DJs Kimber and Fuller will host some of Atlanta’s best DJs to bring you a night of brand-new house, indie, disco, EDM, along with dancefloor faves.

Epic launch party will be epic. We promise.

Baby Courageous

Where: Gatsby’s (931 Monroe Drive, Suite B-111, near Trader Joe’s and FROG Cantina, just 2 minutes from MJQ and 7 minutes from Edgewood)


Drink specials and other surprises will be announced very soon.

Our last Death From Below at The Music Room

Final DFBFriday night is your last chance to experience the magic that is Death From Below at the Music Room. We’ve had an amazing time and can’t thank you all for all the good times and support during our time there. We want to see every one of you for our bon voyage party.

We made the tough decision to take a break so that we can look for a new home for our Friday night dance shenanigans. If you know of a place looking to give a forever home to a loving dance party that’s litter trained and has all of its shots, let us know. DFB is, however, not spayed or neutered.

But fear not, there’s plenty of dancey, boozy ridiculousness planned to hold you over:
* Find Kimber and Fuller on 4/20 for Nonsense at Noni’s (and every other Saturday after that).
* See Kimber playing the Silent Disco Stage at the Sweetwater 420 Fest from 5:20-6:20 on 4/19 (event invite and schedule)
* Head to the most amazing new bar on Edgewood, Mother, on 4/26 with a whole night of dancing and frolicking with Kimber (do it!)

See you at the Music Room one more time (we’re gonna celebrate. Oh yeah, all right, don’t stop the dancin’).

Team Nonsense

This Weekend: DFB + Lovescam

weekendLast weekend was our biggest, best Death From Below yet. We’re so grateful to everybody who came out. Let’s outdo ourselves this Friday at The Music Room.

Then, on Caturday, your NonsenseATL crew are invading Lovescam at The Graveyard in East Atlanta. We’re stoked to be playing with Street Lurkin (who you’ve seen do an awesome guest spot with us at DFB) and Yeti Jones. They are both awesome DJs and awesome human beings.

We have planned a whole weekend of fun for you. You’re welcome. Come say hi!

Hugs, shenanigans & killer kittehs,Team Nonsense

Death From Below Celebrity Endorsement – Jesus.

Third-Annual Australia vs. The World Party

australia vs the worldOur third-annual Australia Day dance party is tonight at The Music Room. There will be prizes and Oz-tastic music and Australian flags to wave around.

Kimber will be playing only Aussie music. Joseph will be representing the other six continents. We will battle to the death. I mean that metaphorically because we’re traveling together two days later and it would be awkward if we had to do it “Weekend At Bernie’s Style” with a corpse. This just went in such a bad direction. What I mean is, please come dance with us.

Boomerangs, bilbies & beer,
Team Nonsense

Triple Header of Nonsense DJs

Nine out of ten DJs recommend dancing as the best way to burn off the fruitcake and two bottles of wine you just consumed. That tenth DJ recommends horizontal dancing so he’s not that far off base. Your NonsenseATL DJs/hosts Kimber and Fuller are doing a triple-header this week, so sneak away from the fam for a few and come dance off the holiday stress.

prep school nonsenseTHURSDAY!
DJ Skooter is not just one of our fave local DJs, he also hosts Prep School at MJQ Concourse, the best Thursday night party in town. This week, Kimber and Fuller are psyched to join him for an awesome night of new music. The awesome Free Magic (from Discovery in NYC) will be on board too.

home for the holidaysFRIDAY!
Since so many of you are home for the holidays, we’ve got a special night this Friday full of laughs and dancing! From 9pm, some of Atlanta’s best comedy talent will be gracing our stage, including Justin Morgan, Automatic Improv, Joe Gallois, Paige Bowman, Joyelle Johnson, Dan Weeks, Remi Treuer, Sam Lawrence and David Perdue! WHAT A LIST! It will be a rapid fire evening with each comic delivering a holiday-themed 5-7 minute set!

After the comedy, it’s NonsenseATL’s weekly DEATH FROM BELOW indie dance party, with Kimber, Fuller and special guest Dan Weeks/Teddy Bear Riley (performing double duty as both comic and DJ because he’s a badass).

FREE ENTRY for both events. Bring your friends out, especially if they’re home for the holidays, and have a fantastic night out at the Music Room!
Doors at 9pm, comedy at 9:30pm, dance-splosion at 11pm, 327 Edgewood Ave.

It’s Nonsense time! Atlanta’s most unpredictable, ridiculous, raucous indie/EDM/house dance party. Kimber and Fuller providing the soundtrack to your pre-NYE shenanigans all night. 11pm-3am, Noni’s, 357 Edgewood Ave.

We would LOVE to see you this week. Hope y’all had a merry whatever you celebrate.

Team Nonsense

Merry Christmas… It’s the End of the World

apocalypse partyThe end is nigh but the Mayans conveniently scheduled the apocalypse on a Friday so there’s time for one last Death From Below dance party before our demise. There’s no one we’d rather spend our final night with than you so join us for apocalyptic dance music  (we made you a Spotify playlist!), doomsday cocktails (drink the Kool-Aid!), and weird Nonsensical surprises.

We’re in a basement, so depending how things go down, that might buy us enough time to cannibalize the weak among us for a few extra hours of survival time. We’ve got that going for us.

Since we won’t make it to see Christmas, let’s celebrate that on Friday too. Rock up in your holiday attire. The most festive doomsday-er will win… um, something. And will likely be among the last we eat if it comes to that.

Music provided by Kimber and Fuller, obvi.

Bon voyage,
Team Nonsense (who hold with those who favor fire)

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